DIY Book podcasts

A long time ago, I mentioned on these boards that I was going to be re-vamping the “DIY Press” tutorial I wrote for … press.html

That was my attempt to share everything I knew about printing and publishing a book yourself. (Like, physically making it, along with some discussion of other methods.)

I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to such a simple little article – evidently there are a lot of people who are excited by the idea of doing this.

Well, after a lot of thinking and learning, I’m finally underway with making a new, improved, and much more detailed version. This is a series of enhanced podcasts with audio, visuals, links, and exercises. It’s live on iTunes now (and it’s free):

Last week I posted the introductory episode, and now I’m working on Episode One. (That might not sound like much, but the bulk of the work – which is proving to be very much like writing a novel – was on outlining everything before starting to create the episodes.)

Everything I’m saying in the series is highly subjective, and I’m sure many of the people on these boards have equally well-developed working methods (which may completely contradict mine). This is just one process out of an infinite number, but I’ve finished four novels and feel I’ve figured out a predictable way to create a result. I believe this process could work for others, too.

One important aspect of this process is the technology involved (aside from all the inner work and actual writing). You can be sure I’ll be mentioning Scrivener a lot throughout the series – first as one of many ways to gather research, but when it comes down to discussing the actual writing of a book, Scrivener is now the only way I would go. Since I switched back to using a Mac last summer, it’s become precious to me as a tool for my copywriting. I can’t wait to use it when working on my next novel.

I figured I’d share all this with the L&L community. Hopefully the series will be of some help to some potential writers and publishers out there.

Happy imagining.

Hi Hamish,

Thank you so much for doing this! I loved your original tutorial, and I’ve subscribed to your podcast, but when I try to ‘Get’ the episode from within iTunes I’m getting an error message saying that the episode could not be found. I’m not having the same issues with other podcasts… any idea if the problem is with me/my mac or with iTunes?


Similar problem. At iTunes, the “SUBSCRIBE” and “GET EPISODE” buttons are grayed out, unresponsive.

Disappointing to say the least. Your original piece was fascinating (and encouraging). Hope this podcast can be worked out soon.


Hi there. Sorry, I forgot to check back here after I left that post.

I’ve fixed the links for the podcasts. RapidWeaver was making bad links to the MP4 files, so I jerry-rigged a fix, then the developers updated RapidWeaver – hopefully this won’t happen again.

Episode 01 is posted, and I’m working on Episode 02 now. I hope these ideas prove helpful.

Thanks so much for your kind comments. I’ve subscribed to this thread, and feel free to leave comments on my site in the episode listings (

Good luck with your writing projects!