Do I need to buy MS WORD for edit Layout my document?

I bought Scrivener for office work. Some manual stuff for constant updating. I’ve heard scrivener is far better for writing than MS WORD.

But After trying to print, it is really disappointing. I can’t get what I want. even FONT setting doesn’t work, Indent doesn’t work, table document fills several pages with ruined text layout(they have indent I didn’t put and Huge font ).

After searching this forum a bit, I saw some people that using MS WORD for layout work. only text work with Scrivener.

Is this an only way to use scrivener?

Please tell me how to fix it. I’m really disappointed.

Thank you.

Scrivener is far better than Word for writing. But it isn’t a layout program. It’s for Writing.

… and it’s not good at all at handling tables.

As Ahab says, Scrivener is really meant to make the writing process itself more flexible and in some ways easier, not to create finished layouts. If you don’t want to pay for MS Word (and who does?), you might try Open Office, which ought to satisfy basic business writing needs.

Thank you.

I like the way scrivener works. If I want to write some idea notes and prepare to write, it helps much.
Okay. I recognized situation. I’ll try as you told.

Thank you again.

LibreOffice works perfectly alongside Scrivener, has very capable layout tools and it is completely free. :smiley: