Do I need to transfer info from Windows version?


Just wondering… I bought a Mac, and transferred my old files from my PC to it. Then I bought Scrivener for Mac. When I open my Scrivener for windows files, they open quite normally and I can work on them.

Still - do I need to copypaste them anew to my Scrivener for Mac -files to get all the Mac functionalities? Or does Mac automatically open them in the Scrivener for Mac -version of the program?

Leena :slight_smile:

They’ll just open. Each project will look like a single file on the mac, instead of a folder with other files and folders inside as on Windows. But the project structure is 100% compatible from Windows to Mac versions.

Yup, it’s a universal format, it doesn’t matter which platform you use. There are some esoteric features left which are not supported by the Windows version, but since you’re going in the other direction even that won’t be an issue. The main thing that isn’t supported cross-platform are the compile settings. If you’ve spent any time working on those, you’ll have to redo that on the Mac.

Thank you for the answers!

Leena :slight_smile: