Do I write my dissertation in the Editor?

Can’t find an answer to this in the manual :cry:

Not really clear what you’re asking here…
If you mean is it in this part of the software …
… that you write, well, yes…
But you probably want to start by reading the tutorial first if you haven’t already done so

Thanks for responding Frogologue. Sorry the question wasn’t more clearly worded. You interpreted it quite accurately, though. As you probably guessed, I’m new to this program–still in the try-out stage. I have skim-read the User Manual, but things just weren’t coming together yet. Your answer helped quite a lot. Thanks again. Vernon

OK, Yes, I gathered you’re a newby, me too :smiley:
I repeat though, the tutorial (rather than the user manual, though that’s good too) is good and fairly complete. It may take a couple of hours to get through, but will save time and tears later.
Good luck

The manual is more a resource for finding out how to do things once you’re into the program; it’s not a good way to learn how to use it. Spend time with the Tutorial you find under the “Help” menu. That is actually a Scrivener project itself, so as you work through it, you are using the program at the same time.

Mr X

Yeah, reading the manual to learn how to use Scrivener is kind of like learning college-level physics to learn how to throw a baseball. The later can inform an experienced baseball thrower, but it’s not the best place for a newbie to start.

From the menu, choose Help->Interactive Tutorial to start (or continue) learning how Scrivener’s various parts work.