Do Limited Applescript Functions Work?

I know Scrivener does not support Applescript, but do any of the generic functions work? What I would like to do is copy the front document to the TaskPaper application (through the clipboard or directly through the Service) perform some functions there and have it paste back into the original scrivener document, replacing the original text. Is this possible?


None of them are “hooked up” to anything in Scrivener’s interface, so I doubt they will work at all as yet. It’s still on the “to do” list, but won’t make it into the initial 2.0 now because otherwise 2.0 is never going to get released. (AppleScript support is going to be the main focus of 2.1.)

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[code]tell application “Scrivener”
end tell

tell application “System Events”
keystroke “a” using command down

delay 3
keystroke "c" using command down

set allerText to the clipboard

end tell

tell application “TaskPaper”
make new document with properties {text contents:allerText}
end tell[/code]

For this to work, System Preferences > Universal Access > Enable access for assistive devices must be checked.