Do not count special formatted words/char

I am in the situation to writetexts with a certain amount of words for a publishing company. In the same text I have to write explanations/comments, which will be deleted in the final text, but it is necessary for the publisher.
It would be nice, if Scrivener could be take in account NOT to count words/char which are formated in special formats.

NB: The publisher do not accept comments etc. that are outside the original text. So, using comments, footnotes etc. is not an option.Therefore I have always to make a lot of annoying calculations.


There’s a menu command that will transform inspector comments to inline annotations, and another to reverse that. You could therefore compose your text using inspector comments to track your word counts, and then before compiling, convert them to inline annotations.

The menu command on version 3 is in the Edit->Transformations menu. I’m not sure where it is in the previous version of Scrivener however, but I’m pretty sure it’s there.

Thank you for that hint.
It could help in certain situations. But I have to compile the text to a Word-doc. After compilation, unfortunately, the inline-comments are disappearing.
So still I wish to have a format that won`t count when counting words. :slight_smile:

If inline comments are being removed, check the tab to the right for the transformations section (there are 4 icons, choose the third one) when you bring up the compile dialogue. There’s a check-box to disable/enable removal of comments and/or footnotes.

Thank you again. I found the checkbox.
But still there is a lot of clicking necessary, because - as far as I know and experienced - every single inline comment has to be transformed by itself. I cannot find a command like “transform all inline comments”.
My suggestion was meant to make this process a little more comfortable.