Do not spell check all-capitalized words

The spell checker keeps flagging all-capitalized acronyms I use in my writing. I’m drafting scientific and philosophical essays, and acronyms abound. We don’t customarily add periods after each letter of an acronym (i.e. FEP, not F.E.P.). I need an option that disables the spell checker for full-capitalized words because they’re nearly always acronyms in my corpus.

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Here to second this or something like it for proper names. Although I write in English, I write about a part of the world where most proper names aren’t recognized by spell check. I make sure to add ones I use repeatedly, but between people and places, there are a TON I may mention only once or twice. I would love an ability to toggle off words that are either all caps or first letter capitalized for proper names. Alternatively, is there maybe already a way to generate a list of all words meeting a certain criteria (like first letter capitalized), and teach spell check the words in bulk?