Do projects have to be in Draft in order to get synced?

I’m new to Scrivener and have set up a project, but not in the Draft folder at all. When I sync my project, is it not really syncing? I don’t really understand the use of Draft.

When iOS Scriv syncs a project to Dropbox it syncs the whole project.

What makes the Draft folder special is that it is the part of a project that will be seen by the Compile function – your main way to take your manuscript and output it as a singular thing in some chosen file format or other. You can write anywhere in Scrivener, but when you want to output your finished novel as an ebook or pdf or what-have-you, then your body text is going to need to be put in the Draft folder in order for the Compile function to process it!

There are some helpful tutorial videos and a tutorial project. It will for sure be profitable to check out some of that stuff to get your bearings.

If you read the very top file in the Binder in very template it explains; (Note: ‘Draft’ is called ‘Manuscript’ in some templates)

How To Use This Template

  • Inside the “Manuscript” folder, create a new folder for each chapter and title each folder with the name of the chapter. (You do not need to—and indeed shouldn’t—title the folders “Chapter One” and so on, because chapter numbering will be taken care of automatically during the Compile process.) The first chapter folder has been created for you with the placeholder title “Chapter”.

    • Note: The “Manuscript” folder is what we refer to in the documentation as the “Draft folder”. It’s just been renamed “Manuscript” in this template.

If you’re just starting out it makes sense to follow the intro L&L give.

I’ve grabbed this from a Mac template, been a while since I bothered with iOS Scrivener.