Do Scrivener licenses transfer between machines?

Hi, all.

I’m considering upgrading my laptop to a dedicated Windows 10 machine in the not too distant future. (I don’t think my current workstation would take it.) Will I have to buy Scrivener again, in order to be able to use it on my new machine?

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Speaking just as a user, not a Scrivener rep, my understanding is that once you’ve bought the license, it’s yours. You can install the program on more than one machine at once (as long as it’s just you using them all), and you can certainly install it on a new computer. They’re nice that way–they actually think well of their customers! :laughing:

Also speaking as a user, I had no trouble moving Scrivener to my new computer in August. All you need to do is re-download it and enter your serial number.

So, when I reinstall on the new machine, how do I copy over my project directory?

(Sorry - real luddite here.)

Thanks for the advice so far. It’s much appreciated.

Now now–the Luddites were actively opposed to new technology; you’re just trying to figure out how to get it to work!

Following is one way to do this, which is what I’d use since I don’t fool around much with cloud storage. Those who do use cloud/online storage and backup options will have much more up-to-date suggestions for you!

If you have more than one Scrivener project, each project will be contained in its own ProjectName.scriv folder (not to be confused with the ProjectName.scrivx file within that folder, which controls all the goings-on of the project). If all of the .scriv folders are contained within one higher-level folder, then the simplest thing to do would be to copy that entire folder to a flash drive, and when you have the new computer set up, copy that folder from the flash drive to its proper location in the new system.

If you have multiple Scrivener projects spread out over a number of folders, you’ll need to copy each .scriv folder, keeping track of where you have it stored, so you can recreate your system on the new machine.

If you’ve only got the one project, then you just need to copy its .scriv folder to the new machine.

This article on installing Scrivener on additional computers may help you out, too. Enjoy your new machine!

This is great news. I’m just migrating to a new computer (Thanks, Santa!).

Now, where do I find this serial number? I looked under the Help Menu, About, etc., couldn’t find it.


[url]] will lead you to where your registration info is located in the registry.