do snapshot changes show up in comparing snapshots?

I recently hired a copyeditor to work on one of my books, doing the copyeditor right in Scrivener. we are looking for a way for me to be able to clearly and quickly see what changes she has made in the text. I seem to recall from the manual that there is no “track changes” type of function as we have in MS Word. So we thought that the snapshot tool would work. However, my copyeditor recently presented me with this question for which I did not have an answer. Can anyone help? Thanks so much. Here it is:

“Started working on your project today, and am playing with snapshots to make sure I get it right. One thing I discovered in Windows version (which is a totally different manual, btw) is that when comparing snapshots, I have to LOOK for the differences (the edits). They aren’t highlighted or underlined or marked in anyway. Is this how you will see it as well, or does the MAC version actually point out the differences between two snapshots?”

The Mac version does allow you to compare changes. In the Snapshots tab of the inspector, you’ll see a “Compare” button right at the top; clicking the arrow next to it will let you adjust the granularity of the comparison (by paragraph, clause, or word). Selecting a single snapshot from the list and clicking Compare will compare that version with the current version; selecting two snapshots and choosing compare will show the differences between those two versions. The snapshots will display in the inspector panel by default, but you can drag any one from the list to the header of the editor and view the snapshot there instead; hold down the Option key while you drag to have the comparison enabled.

As your editor noted, this feature isn’t yet available for Windows, though it will be coming in the future; provided that you’re the one who’s really going to need to view the changes, though, you should be fine.

Thank you for this answer. This will work fine, as you say, since I’m using Mac and with the file, will be able to do the Compare.