Do snapshots expire?

Having been taking snapshots for a while, they sort of stacked up in the que. This was absolutely fine by me. Curiously, I’ve noticed there are fewer listed in my documents and in some cases there are even none. I am not worried thanks to back ups and the like but is it possible I’ve inadvertently eliminated some of the snapshots through the copying of documents or another process? Or are snapshots designed to expire after a certain amount of time? I checked in the manual and it does not mention an expiration.

Thank you.

There is no expiration. Snapshots are saved individually in the Snapshots folder. Removing any one of them would cause it to disappear from the program without any harm (it’s a nice way of cleaning up a project you intend to share). So can you think of anything that might be adjusting the contents of these folders on the system? When you refer to “documents” what do you mean, the whole project or files within a project?

Good to know there is no expiration and they are intended to stay until I remove.

By “documents” I meant to imply files and folders, or the individual documents I type in, within a project.

The only thing I thought it might be is, when I create a new file within a project’s folder (I’m using files for scenes and folders to designate chapters and group the scenes), I typically duplicate an existing file, then ‘select all’ of the text and delete it. That provides me with a new file to work in that has matching properties. (I know that is not the ideal way to create a new file in Scrivener but I managed to alter the template to undesired settings and haven’t gone back to right it.) Anyway, now that I’ve digressed, I’d wondered if maybe that played a hand in it. But sounds like snapshots copy with the files so maybe not.

Curiously, I did notice this only after upgrading to 1.0.3. I’d hate to make any implications because I’ve seen no other problems with the latest update and it did fix the one problem I was having (update request/close/crash). But was probably worth mentioning.

I will stress that I have not lost any work or anything important due to the curiosity. I am quite thorough in backing up and making multiple copies of my work–frequently. It was just strange to see those panes either empty or near empty when the lists had been growing in size for so long (a maximum of eight to ten snapshots).

Duplication will copy the snapshots as well, or it should be. I see nothing wrong with it in that regard just doing a quick test, but perhaps there is some other condition that is causing them to disappear after duplication; maybe it is scale, I only did a few one-off tests, not dozens. The only thing I can think of that working that way would cause is too many snapshots that have nothing to do with the original scene—but that is easy enough to clean up yourself—that’s more of a clutter problem than a program error.

Since you can see snapshots in Explorer by looking in that folder, does everything look okay there, or is it a bit thin? If you needed something that got lost, that would be where to look in the backups.

There was an earlier bug, which is fixed in 1.0.3, where merging documents could cause snapshots of all but the first document to be lost, and I don’t remember off the top of my head if that also affected split (that is, when a document is split both the original and new document should have the same snapshots, but it might’ve been the case that the new one didn’t have them), but it doesn’t sound like that was the problem here if you were just using duplicate. Hm.