Do the Mac and Linux versions play nicely together?

I’m currently checking out the Mac version of Scrivener, and like it very much - I’ll probably be buying it when NaNoWriMo concludes. But in addition to my desktop Mac, I also have a Linux netbook, and if I want to go to any of the NaNo writing meetups, that’s what I’d be taking with me.

I was very excited to see that there was a Linux version (of sorts) available, but given that it’s a beta and undoubtedly still has some bugs, I’m a little nervous. I am really hoping that I can use both versions on the same project - i.e. copy my project files over from the Mac to the netbook when I’m about to go to a group writing session, use the Linux version there, and then copy the files back to the Mac when I get home.

Are the two versions compatible enough to do that? And is the Linux versions stable enough that it’s not going to horribly corrupt my files if I try?

Yep. So long as you’re using version 2.0 on the mac.

I don’t have a definitive list, but the Linux/Windows version lacks features available in 2.0 that will affect your project.

  • Inspector comments/footnotes are not available in the Win/Lin version. They will be converted to in-line comments or footnotes.
  • The Mac version allows for multiple Project Notes (in the inspector). Again, the Win/Lin version doesn’t have that. I don’t know for sure what happens to the other project notes when you load the project in the win/lin version. I assume it’s safely tucked away, inaccessible, but safe.

There may be other things like that, but I don’t use any of those features that I’m aware of.

Thanks, that’s very helpful. Although by 2.0, do you mean 2.0 or higher, or 2.0 specifically (as in, not 2.1)?

I just downloaded the demo version I’m using on the Mac fairly recently, so it’s version 2.1. Will that be OK?

BTW, this also reminds me, in the event that a forum administrator is reading this: in the part of forum registration where you have to choose your operating system(s), the only options seemed to be Mac, Windows, Linux, or “Mac and Windows”.

It would be really nice if “Mac and Linux” had been an option. Since clearly I am not the only one… :slight_smile:

Sorry, yeah, I meant 2.x, where x = the most recent point release of Scrivener for Mac, version 2.