Do you think they'll learn to use Scrivener ...

… and make Scrivener truly universal?

Who? Nasa or the little guy?

Actually, when you consider the extremes of conditions under which they (the little guys), appear to thrive, i.e., from the depths of space, to the depths of the oceans, they are well suited to life aboard Scrivener. P’rhaps a period of acclimatisation to toughen them up a bit, would be required…but still, they’ll cope.

Water bears! They are one of my favourite animals. :slight_smile:

They reconstituted some dried out tardigrades that were something like fifty years old, and the little buggers came back to life.

A regular nightly occurrence in the old RED LION.

This NASA site is great, but should I be worried about what they have in store for tomorrow?


Nahh. That was one of last week’s