doc crashes scrivener

I had a scriv document that crashed while viewing a web page saved in Research.
When I restarted Scrivener and tried to re-open the file, I got the synchronization dialog.
I accepted but it keeps running and running and ultimately Scrivener hangs and shows in Force Quit as “not responding.”
What’s my best shot to recover the document. It’s a big file. 161.6 MB uncompressed.
It’s an important project.

Even though it seems to hang and says “not responding”, it may just need more time to go through - it can seem as though it is not responding (and the OS can report as much) even when it is. Before opening it, though, be sure to delete the internal ui.xml file (by ctrl-clicking on the project in the Finder and selecting “Show Package Contents”, then locating ui.xml and trashing it), as otherwise it may try to show the web page again and crash it. You should also go through the .webarchives inside the project package and delete the one that is crashing Scrivener - you can find out which one it is just by going through them in the Finder window opened by Show Package Contents and opening them in in Safari - the .webarchive that crashes Safari will be the one that crashed Scrivener. Of course if it still won’t open let me know.
All the best,

Thanks, Keith.
I’ll keep your notes on this kind of problem.
Late last night my time (really early a.m.), I zipped the Scriv file and sent it to a friend of mine who also has Scrivener. He unzipped and was able to open the file. He rezipped, sent it back to me and I was able to open it, too. Maybe in the process of doing that the ui.xml was successfully overwritten, possibly when the file was opened in copy of Scrivener that hadn’t previously opened it?
Anyway, I managed to get the file open again and it seems to be intact. I’ve got to figure out exactly which HTML file I was in during the crash now and weed out the miscreant.
Just to let you know, I sing the praises of your program given the slightest chance, and I appreciate your fast response.