Dock Note

Hi Keith, here’s a wish bordering on fantasy. SOHO Notes does a neat DockNotes feature that puts a Dock on the side of the monitor - sort of a Drag Thing / Application Switcher concept. It loads at startup (System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items).

Just thought it would be great to have Scrivener as a Dock that popped out on single click and showed you a clickable list of all your projects. It also includes a menu bar item to drop a list of notes you might want to work with (ie Chapters)

Well. I did say it was just a wish.

Hi Lord Lightning,

Well, even if I liked this suggestion it would be a “very far off in the future” thing. :slight_smile: I say, “even if I liked,” because I’m not a big fan of applications that put things at the side of the screen even when you are not using them. Yojimbo does this, and it really annoys me to have its little draw pop out of the right of the screen every time I go to use a scroll bar. But maybe I misunderstand your suggestion?

Anyway, glad to see you are back now that I have (hopefully) dealt with the spamming.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Fair enough. I can see how it could niggle if it sat on top of stuff you might need to get at. Don’t worry, if I really get an ache for a side dock MacUpdate is swamped with variation after variation.

Thanks for considering it. :confused: