Dockable Project Target Statuses

Apologies if I’ve duplicated, I couldn’t find this specific request in here.

I keep the Project Target window open and to the right as it helps me to have a real time idea of how things are going. Here’s a screenshot to illustrate:

It would be wonderful to have displaying the targets in the right sidebar as an option along with keywords, &c, as well as the current floating window.

Thanks for making an awesome app. I found Scrivener about 5 years ago and it’s become my go-to.



Thanks for the kind words! Having the project targets in the inspector doesn’t really work, because there’s no good place for them and most of the inspector is dedicated to document-specific data (although admittedly you can show the project notes and bookmarks there, but these are alternative versions of document-specific data).

However, for the next major (paid) update to Scrivener, there will be a way of having your project target shown in the toolbar, taking up minimal space and allowing you always to see the progress while keeping the rest of the UI free for everything else.

All the best,