Docking and 'Tear off'

I use two monitor and up to now to get the second screen used for my notes or cork board I’m stretching Scrivener which is OK but means that if I minimise Scrivener then I lose both views.

Also since the monitors aren’t the same resolution I’m not using the whole screen real estate.

If you could implement a Dock and ‘Tear Off’ model then the flexibility really improves. Imagine this working with Lion with two full screen views, one for Cork Board and one for writing… lovely :slight_smile:

Not a kind of ‘knock it out overnight’ request I expect though :wink:

Why don’t you just use QuickReference panels? In the next update there will be the option for these not to use a HUD appearance, so they appear just like regular windows. So you can have the corkboard on one screen and QuickRef windows on the other.

Oh yeah!, that works quite well. The only thing that it doesn’t have is the ability to keep the navigation on that screen whilst pushing the cork board onto another screen but it’s definitely an improvement. Thanks :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind using a menu to navigate, you can use the header bar icon on the corkboard. Just left-click on it, and use the Go To menu to jump around the Binder. Yeah, that’s not quite what you were asking for, but if your primary impetus is to keep a nice big corkboard on one screen and remove the navigational distraction from it—that’s a pretty good method—or just getting very familiar with Opt-Cmd-B. :slight_smile: