Docking the project targets window

Does anyone know a way to attach the project targets window somewhere so I isn’t floating around and seemingly always in the way? I like to have it open as I write, but it seems there is no place where it works as s good home. It isn’t always in the way per se, part of the time it just looks clunky to have this little window open. Picky I know, but if I could attach it in the bar along the top of the window so the bars are all that show would be a good place for it. I know there is the document targets along the bottom, but if I am shooting for a total word count for the whole project that doesn’t really help.

This might be something to post into the suggestions area if enough other people wanted something like this. I’m thinking something like this–with the option to have the numbers if wanted.
Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 12.25.01 PM.jpg