Doc's Introduction

You’ve probably gathered I’m new in this part of town, and if I’ve missed the formal ‘welcome, introduce yourself here’ section of the forum, I do apologise.

What are my Scrivenings? Well, I’m sticking to the old ‘write what you know and love’ mantra. I think.

I love horror, the macabre, the supernatural. I’m a strong follower of the old guard of horror, Poe, Lovecraft, et al. I’m not a slash/gore/blood style horror writer (though these methods have their uses), I much prefer the silent, subtle psychological terror of human nature. Nature itself also features in my work, there is plenty in this world that can be creepy without being supernatural.

In my past, I worked on ambulances as a medic, and am still a qualified first aider. I try to use my experiences from there in my writing, and besides writing horror themed short stories, I’m working on a longer project about a street paramedic and the real-life horrors he experiences.

Yes, I’m slightly disturbing with all this dark and grim horror stuff. I know. My ultimate goal is to get enough work published to qualify me for membership in the UK branch of the Horror Writers Association. Of course, if I happen to write something that earns me a Rowling-esque pay packet in the meantime, I shall certainly not grumble.

To keep me writing regularly, I’m attempting to keep an online blog of musings and thoughts. I’m not as prolific on it as I would like yet, but I’m getting there. The link to it is on my profile page if anyone is interested…

In my personal life, I work by day at B&Q to pay the bills, live with my parents, but am hoping to find a place with my gorgeous girlfriend, Kaylea (and her three cats and two hamsters) sometime soon. I’m a Trekkie and a Browncoat. To chillout, I love listening to HIM, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot and Julia Nunes, but that isn’t an exclusive list.

Welcome aboard The Good Ship Scrivener, Andy. However, if,slightly, is the best you can come up with, Im afraid youll probably find Scrivener isnt for you. :frowning: I doubt itll take very long, before youre thinking, "Jeezzz!! this crew is real, [i]sicko disturbing. :open_mouth: [/i] Another disheartening realisation, will be that the women onboard Scriv. are worse than the men. But isnt that always the way. 8)

There is light at the end of the tunnel though! And! No! It isnt the lights of an oncoming express train. Its worse! If you hang around long enough(not very long actually), well soon knock the rough edges of y, and you`ll end up just like the rest of us forsaken sicko souls.

Hang on in there TA7, n see what transpires :smiling_imp:

And now perhaps, you understand why we do not have a formal “introduce yourself” section, the contents of which would astound and dismantle the mental coherence of all who read it!

My sentiments exactly!
[size=50]AT7! Hasn`t AmberV got a lovely way with words. I Love it when she beats up on me 8) [/size]

Excellent! I feel right at home already!

When I said ‘slightly’, that was a bit of an understatement. I am totally insane most of the time (when you’ve seen some of the stuff I have, you’d be mad not to be) but I always like to test the water first with a bit of subtlety.

But as you all seem to be quite mad, I think I’ll pull up a chair and warm myself beside your fire, if that’s all right with you?

Welcome to the forums or should I say pirate ship?

Hold on a sec I got a three legged dog nipping at my heels.

[size=85](Wock whips out some paddles that seem to have been rewired with thicker cables)[/size]


[size=85](the lights dim all over the pirate ship)[/size]

sees lights dimming

Huh? Last orders? Bugger, it isn’t closing time already? I’ve only just got here. Typical.

Pirate ship, eh? Always wanted to go on a pirate ship…

Ah there is no closing time, I was just practicing on vic-k with my moonshine powered, 3 phase 600 amp defibrillator. (trying to see if it can cause instant sobriety in case some trys to give one of us a ticket for boating while impaired)

Yes welcome to the pirate ship, where the beer runs long and the tales even longer…

Aha! I tend to prefer the old fashioned car-battery-and-a-jump-lead-clamped-to-each-nipple version, but whatever turns you on…

The first introduction I found in here.
And you have met vic-k, even survived it. Wait until you meet his other personalities.
Considering the lunatics populating the world of matter, this place is a peaceful congregation of elderly people at teatime.

Meester zic
vee ar votching yoo! :imp: