Document and Project Statistics

I am noticing small but consistent discrepancies in word and character counts between document statistics and the selection statistics in project statistics. This is not a huge problem. I’m just pointing it out.

PS I’m having a fabulous time with Scrivener. It’s making a huge difference both in my creativity and productivity.

Many, many thanks, Keith


There may well be certain discrepancies at times, due to the different nature of the counts. For instance, when viewing documents in Edit Scrivenings, the character count will be different than the one in Project Statistics because there are extra newlines placed between the sections in an Edit Scrivenings. There may certainly be other minor discrepancies, too. Word and character counts in any program are generally only a rough guide anyway, as no word counting or character counting algorithm is entirely perfect as they know nothing of the language itself, only of characters and whitespace and so on.

I’m glad you are enjoying using Scrivener!

Thanks for your post and best regards,

A day after our exchange, I noticed what was going on with the word count feature. It seems that in document count, annotations are “in”, whereas one can choose whether to count annotations or not in the project count. The discrepancies I was seeing between project stats and document stats disappeared when I included annotations in the project stat count.

So… mystery solved. I’m not reporting this as a bug. I have no problem with the way it works. I just didn’t understand that document stats included non-final-text sections by default. :blush:

BTW, it may interest you to know that my publisher, McGraw Hill, uses exactly the same formula you do (2100 chars) to estimate page count for a 5.5 x 8.5 inch book.

Keith, I am continually delighted with Scrivener. Every morning, it feels like climbing into a lovely BMW and taking it for an exhilarating spin. I’m very much looking forward to Jan 31, when I can pay you for your very fine work.

Tim :smiley:

What a nice description of how it still feels to use Scr.

I too am waiting to pay. I was thinking of this yesterday. Feels bad to not pay for something that has so changed my life for the better!

Tim - thank you so much for your praise for Scrivener.

Last night I completed the Help file and updated the tutorial. Tonight I am e-mailing some forms I need to get out there before I can sell… So I am really hoping that it will be on sale before Jan 31. :slight_smile:

Thanks again and all the best,

Hey Keith –

Now that the help and tutorial are complete, wouldn’t it make sense to release a beta 6 as soon as possible so that your eagle-eyed fans have time contribute some fact checking and copy editing before version 1.0 is released?