Document doesn't show in Outliner

I have a project with several thousand sequentially numbered documents. In the Outliner, there is one item which does not show up.

It does not show up if I select Draft, then view the Draft in the Outliner. It does not show up if I select the enclosing folder (Level 1), then view the enclosing folder in the Outliner.

The item is contained in a Level 2 folder (as are all the others that compose the body of the document) and shows up if I highlight that folder and view it in the Outliner intermittently.

The document appears as it should in the Binder and in the Corkboard.

The document does not appear as it should in the collection to which it is assigned.

What to do?

Could you post a screenshot of your Binder, please, with the problem item highlighted?


Sorry for the delay, holidays! :smiley:

And what does the relevant section of the Outline view look like?


When you say it doesn’t show, does that mean there is no row in the outliner for it—no date stamps, labels or whatever other columns you might use—or does it mean the title isn’t printing?

Yes, there is no row. I just tried to capture the view you asked for and the item is present in the list–as I said, it is intermittent.