Document duplication

Sometimes it is nice to have two parallel copies of something in the project at once. I realise that with Snapshots, you can do a lot of things in parallel, but not everything. Doing a rewrite would be a good example, where having the original beside the new version would be handy. Currently, there is no easy way to make a duplicate of a document. You have to make a new one, and then copy and paste the contents of the original into the new one. So, if it isn’t too hard, how about a “Duplicate” function in the Edit menu, and the contextual menus in Binder/Corkboard/Outliner?

I’ve added it to the list.

I originally intended to add full Cut, Copy & Paste features to the binder, but I decided against this for 1.0 because it is very difficult given the internal format. If you cut a document, for instance, Scrivener can’t delete the document from disk because you might want to paste it again. But if you never paste it again, then Scrivener needs to delete it - which would mean it would have to do a lot of clean-up at the end. There are other conceptual issues, too, which means I probably won’t revisit this until 1.5-2.0 (ie. way ahead).

However, a “duplicate” function is a nice compromise - basically just a “copy & paste” rolled into one. Wish I’d thought of it myself!

And… done. It’s in the Edit menu, but it won’t appear in context menus, inline with Merge and stuff. However, introducing… Cmd-D. Cmd-D (Duplicate Documents) will now copy any selected documents and plonk them after th last item in the selection. Nice.