Document focus changes when Scrivener reloads project in 'Scrivenings' after restart


Whenever I reopen the Scrivener 3 app after closing it with a project open in Scrivenings mode, it will restore the previous UI state fine.

However, when I start typing into the editor, the selected document will suddenly change, usually to the last document in the Scrivenings group, without me seeming to have directed it to. This has often lead to me typing in half a word, then the focus changing, then the other half of the word being entered into the Title field of the newly focused document in the Scrivenings view. It means I lose my place, and in a huge document takes a lot of time to track down the now partially made edit to correct it…

I was wondering if I was doing something wrong, or if there was a fix for this?

If scrivenings is particularly long, it might simply be that you start typing before it has finished laying out. What should happen is that scrivenings gets laid out and then will jump to the last position you were typing or had selected in the text before you closed the project. It’s also possible that it’s not scrolling to that point for some reason (although it should). One trick is just to hit the let or right arrow keys on your keyboard once - this will change the selection by a single character and will cause the editor to jump to where the typing selection is.

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