Document Ghosting / shortcuts

While this would mainly benefit the noting section of Scrivener, unless for some reason you wanted to duplicate chapters - but one thing that would be useful, is the ability to ghost a document so that it is filed in multiple places,

What i mean by this is that it can be accessed from shortcuts within two separate folders but will resolve to the same document.

It would be invaluable for noting characters who move around throughout a novel and therefore have notes in several places referring the same thing.

I did consider the document duplication feature, but the problem with this is that it requires updating all duplicates in all locations, where in theory the idea is to have 1 document that is linked to several locations within the project and updating any one would update all - or have a series of shortcuts that would link to the character / scene / ext.

You might be interested in the answer provided to this previous query: “Embedding” scrivenings inside other scrivenings….

The documentation for this feature is in the Mac user manual, under §10.1.5, Including Text From Other Documents. The feature is also available in the beta for Windows.

I realise that isn’t quite what you are asking for, but it’s the closest thing in Scrivener to that. An item in the binder whose text content consists of nothing but an include placeholder effectively acts as a pointer to that other item. But the placeholder itself is quite flexible, capable of inserting content into footnotes, etc.