Document has grabber hand instead of pointer, can't select

I have several scapple documents open, and they are all behaving as I’ve come to expect. However, after I dragged a photo from safari onto one of them, it became unworkable. I can’t select an individual note or image. Instead of the pointer I see in other documents, I have a hand. If I click, the hand closes. However, I can’t do anything except move the whole set of images/notes as one. I tried reverting to an earlier saved version, but this still happens. I looked through the manual but I can’t find any reference to what is happening. Help?

The document is still “frozen” like this, with the grabber-hand cursor. Out of the 3 Scapple documents I have open right now, this one was the least fluid moving forward and won’t be needed soon. I’ll call it disposable. Other ones would be a big loss. I’m really coming to rely on Scapple.

I might also mention this was the current version of Scapple, High Sierra, and I did try rebooting.

I am not seeing the same problem on 10.12, but maybe I’m not doing precisely the same thing. What I did was open Scapple, created two test notes in the starter board, then launched Safari. From our home page, I dragged the “Launching chapter 3” graphic with paper airplanes into the Scapple window. Everything appeared to be functioning normally after doing so.

Would it be possible to post a simple test project, perhaps similarly or identically created as described above? You can attach it as a .zip file (although I may have added .scap to the whitelist, come to think of it).

After quitting Scapple again and not immediately re launching but working in other apps for a while, when I relaunched this document came back to normal. I can now edit it. Weird!