Document has messed up layout


On one document, my layout is messed up like in the picture. I’m talking about the two character wide column on the right. I can’t seem to get it right. It’s not a table or anything, and fiddling with the margin tabs doesn’t help either. I’d really like to restore this document. Any help?


Are you certain there is no table here? It looks to me a bit like you have an invisible table (the cell borders set to zero). You can test by right-clicking anywhere in the oddly formatted area and seeing if a Table submenu appears. If it does, then within that menu select “Remove Table”.

Before doing so, I would take a quick Snapshot (Ctrl+5) to make sure that this isn’t all one big table, as presumably you do want that stuff at the top to remain in table format.

If that’s not it, then the other thing that can cause an effect like this is tab stops. Put the cursor anywhere in the oddly formatted area, and use Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ Tabs and Indents... to examine that panel for any oddities. You could also use the “Remove All Tab Stops” command from that same submenu.

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I had this before. I highlighted all the text in the narrow columns and pasted it into a blank document and got it back in text form and then deleted the text and repasted into the original document. Agree is probably related to some hidden table.

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thanks for both your replies. actually i needed them both. with the upper part of that weird section, the table item appeared in the rightclick menu, as amber suggested, and i was able to restore it that way
but with the bottom part, the table item did not appear, and i used goalie’s solution :slight_smile: