< & > document history buttons don't work

With the latest version my backward and forward document history buttons stopped working. Actually, it would be more accurate to say they work, they just never update what docs they point at. My back button always goes through the same sequence of documents, despite the fact I haven’t been in those documents for a couple of weeks. Likewise, the forward button always goes through the same unchanging list of documents, but in reverse order. Nothing I do updates the list of docs. It’s amazing how much I miss the functionality these buttons gave now that they no longer work they way they ought.

I’ve discovered some more information that may make this easier to reproduce:

In the main document window select the Horizontal Split button. In the bottom pane open several documents and then use the forward and back buttons. The bottom pane works correctly for me.

Doing the same thing in the top pane does not work.

Interestingly, if I use the horizontal split button and then click the No Split button on the BOTTOM frame, the forward and back document history buttons begin working again.

This same scenario works for me when splitting the panes into right and left panes. Right pane document history buttons work and the left pane document history buttons are stuck on some ancient documents.

Each of the editors has its own history, and the history for each editor is persistent, which means even if you close the split or close the project, when you next open it your most recently viewed documents will be in its history. So there might just be confusion here if you were working in one split and then expanded the other and worked in there for a while. (When you click the “No Split” button in the editor header, that split becomes the current editor–it essentially closes the opposite split, which is why when you click the button for the bottom editor, the single editor continues working in the same fashion.) At least in my testing, this has all been working properly, so I still haven’t seen what you’ve gotten where the history doesn’t update at all.

Try focusing in the editor and then choosing View>Editor>Clear Document History. (You’ll need to do it for each editor if you’re working with splits.) That will wipe out your previous history and start fresh from the current document being viewed, which will make it a little easier to see the behavior and if you are getting a bug where it locks up and doesn’t update to new documents. Pay attention also as you’re working to whether you’re in the single editor or in splits, since again, each split is going to remember its own history separately, so if you view three documents in the right split, they won’t get any recognition in the left split, even if you close the right split and move back to a single editor.

Hope that makes sense. If there is a bug I do want to track it down, but I haven’t been able yet to reproduce anything out of the norm, so if you are still seeing something off please let me know!

Clearing the document history resolved the issue. I will let you know if it recurs. I don’t know where this is stored, but I’m guessing that something had it locked so that it couldn’t be updated. At least it is working now.