Document History buttons, Lock in Place, and Snapshots

I just noticed a couple of things, one seems like a bug, the other would be more of a feature request.

  1. If I have an editor “locked in place”, and I hit the back arrow, it takes me to whatever I last had open in that editor and un-locks the editor (the header turns from red to blue). If I then go forward in history, it doesn’t re-lock the editor. Is this intended behavior? I had expected it to refuse to change documents until I unlocked that editor.

  2. If I drag a snapshot onto the header bar, I get to see the document in question as it was, in all it’s read-only glory. But if I go back in that editor’s history, and then go forward again, the snapshot does not reappear. Could that be added as a future enhancement? I’d really like to not have to return to the snapshot pane of that document if I don’t have to, and if I get in the habit of using keyboard short-cuts for document history, I could really get frustrated as the lock-in-place feature doesn’t prevent accidentally moving through the history.

Hi Robert,

These are both intentional:

  1. The idea is that lock-in-place locks the editor to a particular document only until you either unlock it or do something that tells that editor very specifically that you want to change documents; after that, the lock is turned off. Hitting the back and forward buttons is one of those actions that turn it off again. Lock in Place isn’t part of the navigation history and wasn’t intended to be. I’m open to discussion on this for a future version, though, and would be interested in hearing what others think - I think there are arguments both ways, both for the current behaviour and for your suggestion. (Ioa…?)

  2. The navigation history is only capable of holding information about documents - it won’t remember snapshots or files dragged in from the Finder. This is partly a technical limitation because of the way the history is stored, but it’s also partly down to do with the transient nature of snapshots and suchlike in that they don’t really fit the rest of the mechanism.

All the best,