Document icons in a project not syncing between Mac & Windows

Thus far I haven’t encountered any big issues after buying Scrivener 3 for Windows and working on my Windows desktop and my MacBook. But I did run across one thing: icons set on documents and folders in the Binder are not syncing properly between the two versions.

I’ve been working between the Mac and Windows versions of Scrivener 3 (I believe I’m on the latest Mac update, and of course on ver. for Windows), taking care never to open a project in both places at once, working in a live Dropbox environment, and for some reason while the icons I use on the Mac (where I originally set them) work fine and are maintained through all updates and edits, even between opening the project on Windows for editing, the default text document icons have replaced most of the icons on Windows. I mostly use the blank and checked to-do boxes to indicate whether something is reasonably complete or needs to be looked at, plus the orange circle with a question mark for anything I don’t know if I actually want to keep in the manuscript, and while the question mark will show up in both Windows and Mac, the to-do boxes don’t display on Windows. All I get are the default text icons.

I could go and set these again manually, presumably (they are present on the Windows version in the icon list, same as Mac), but I have a lot of documents in this project, and it would be a real pain to have to manually reset everything, especially given that I’m using them as shorthand for tracking stuff I can’t otherwise mentally keep track of. I’d need to get the laptop side by side with my monitors and go through the many documents by hand. Would be nice to see this fixed in a future update if it is indeed a bug as it seems to be.

On the Mac, those icons are called Ticked and Unticked. On Windows, they’re To Do and To Do Unchecked. I suspect your issue is caused by the name change. On the Mac, To Do is a subordinate menu like Notes, TV, Book, etc. On Windows there is no intermediate menu (under Change Icon) enclosing the To Do icons.

Makes sense! Unfortunate, though, for my current setup. I suppose I could switch the icons around to something completely different and achieve roughly the same effect, if a bit less elegant. Either way, thanks for the insight.

Not as elegant as icons, but you could use Labels for this and show the Label Color in the Binder.


But the icon names should change to match across platforms, should they not?

In this specific case, I think it would work best to create two custom icons that are named entirely different from the built-in icons on either platform. The problem is that the way the built-in icons are addressed internally is different from custom icons, so if you added two that the Windows version could use, you would end up seeing four like-named icons in the Mac menus, and you’d have to be careful to always choose the right ones. But if they are differently named then it would be easier to use the right set.

That all said, have you considered using actual checkboxes for this particular task? If you go into Project ▸ Project Settings…, in Custom Metadata, you can add a field there of the type “Checkbox”, and then easily just click that on and off to set it. This can be added to the Outliner for easy access, than in the inspector, too.

But if you do want this indicator to be on the icon itself, so it shows up easily in the binder and everywhere else the icon is shown, then I like Katherine’s solution. In fact I prefer using labels for major status precisely because of how universal the icon shading is. While it isn’t quite as obvious as completely different graphics on the icons, there are definitely some advantages to using labels. You can search for metadata for one thing, and you can’t search for icons. They are also very accessible from the inspector and easy to set from just about everywhere. Lastly you get the benefit of the natural item icons, which display a good deal of info about the item’s content, whether it has snapshots and so on.

the question I have if set up custom icons named the same on both a windows and mac computer would that allow the icons to be visible when open from one project to the other. Does scriverner have icon metadata tied to name of the icon if a custom icon?