Document icons in Binder may turn 'blank' indicating empty document, but text is still there,

I have experienced this before, in an older (draft) project, but at that instance the text was gone from every icon turned blank /white/ no lines. just bad luck.

Now it is starting to happen in very important project, some document icons have begun to show up as blank, but tekst is still there. so what is happening? And what can I do to “tidy up”?

As it is, when I dubbelclick on one of those blank ones and the select another icon the just clicked vil get its textlines back, but next time I open project they are blank again.
is there som indexing that has become slightly disrupted?

kind regards

Have you by any chance activated Documents on iCloud? That might explain it, and might eventually make you lose text…

This is usually caused by corrupted search indexes. The icon states are based on search indexes until you click on them to open the file, at which point they switch to using the loaded text for the state.

You can rebuild all search indexes by going to the File menu, holding down the Option key, and then selecting “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes” (“Save” turns into this option when you hold down Option). You may then need to close and restart the project to see the results.

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