Document in Files/Doc not loaded in Project?

I was searching for a word which I know must be in a project. Search couldn’t find it.
I went to the /Doc folder and found the .rtf file that contains that word.
But I couldn’t see that Document in the binder.
Then I realized that file was not loaded into the Project.
How can this happen?

PS: I use current version 1.9.7. The project was ancient so Scrivener converted it and created a backup. But the same problem occurs in the backup project.

Have you looked in the Trash folder?

Search can optionally Exclude docs in Trash.

Thanks. Search options are the the first thing I thought about. Search is on for all documents, trash included.

Try rebuilding your search index, I think it’s under Tools menu.

If that doesn’t work, then it’s not a search issue – somehow your project has “lost” its pointer to that doc.

Is it a large project?

ETA: But did you check Trash for the missing doc?

I rebuilt the search index, to no avail.
The project is 2.3 MB.
The document is not in the Trash.

If the project lost the pointer to that doc, that’s quite a problem. Perhaps as a result of converting older projects to the new versions?
It means it could happen elsewhere. And it’s hard to find out.

Hopefully L&L will address the issue.

If the file is in the Docs subfolder but not listed in the Binder, then the master index file has gotten out of sync with the contents of the project. This most commonly happens as a result of a synchronization error. Are you using Dropbox, OneDrive, or a similar service? Are there any files in the Docs subfolder with “conflicted copy” or something similar in the file name?

This problem can also happen if you save a file to the Docs subfolder using any tool other than Scrivener itself.

You can fix the issue by dragging the file out to another location, such as your Desktop, then using the File -> Import command in Scrivener to bring it back into the project.


Thanks, Katherine.

I now see that the created date for that document file is listed as more recent than its modified date. The same odd thing happens for other documents in Files/Doc and none of those are loaded in the project.

Something weird must have happened to those files, but it’s my problem now.

Thanks again for responding, folks.