Document Indented

Not sure I can explain this situation but here goes: I have included in my document, a quote of several lines that are indented as they rightly should be - however I know not how I got there, but that’s fine.

The trouble is, after the quote was ended I hit the return key to resume normal document text formatting. Now every line I type is still indented the same as the quote…how do I get this part of the document back to the formatting of that previous to the quote?

Hope this makes sense. tnx ~gy

Make sure the ruler shows at the top of the document. It’s the narrow strip numbered 1 - 8, with steps in between. If you don’t see it, hit COM-R to bring it up.

You’ll see several blue triangular marks on the ruler. These indicate tab stops. It sounds like what you want is the small rectangular mark which indicates the left hand margin. It is probably now a few spaces to the right of where you want it. Drag it back to 1, or wherever you want it.


You might also find it useful to save your default paragraph format as a Formatting Preset (with the Format/Formatting/ sub-menu). For that matter, you might want to save your block quote format as well. We do provide some defaults, but you’ll notice in that menu I referenced, it is possible to update them with the formatting you are using

Further information can be found in the user manual PDF, under §15.4.3 Formatting Presets (Styles), pg. 216. Speaking of using the ruler to set up indents, the §15.4 section starts with a discussion on the ruler, a few pages back.