Document is lost


I’m trying hard not to panic, and this forum is my last hope. My book draft (90,000+words) in Scrivener has disappeared. The folder is gone from my hard drive. When I do a search, the search results indicate that it is backed up on Mozy, my cloud backup. When I check my Mozy restore files the folder is there with other files, but the Scrivener folders and files are gone. I checked my Recycling folder, and the Scrivener files weren’t in there either.

I recently played around with Scrivener to create a new, largely empty project. Could I have overwritten my old project accidentally? The new project is a different name, and when I checked for snapshots in the new project, there were none.

I have never had anything like this happen in any program ever. I’m generally not a complete idiot on computers. What could I have possibly done and is there any hope that I can somehow find and restore the files?

Thank you for any ideas you can throw my way.

Do a system-wide search for folders named “*.scriv”. That will hopefully locate where that project is currently living.

By the way, when you say it’s disappeared, do you mean that you navigate to “My Documents” or some other folder, and it’s not there, or when you select, in Scrivener, File-> Recent Documents, is that where it’s not showing up?

Thanks for your helpful and quick reply, Robert. Before posting to the forum I searched for .scriv and also looked for the folder under MyDocuments (where it normally resides) and both came up empty. The search results only indicated that there was a copy on my Mozy backup.

Since my original post, I’ve been able to find the Scrivener folder in my Mozy backup (thankfully) and successfully restored it. I don’t remember if I checked Scrivener, File-> Recent Documents before I restored it. The missing project shows up there now, but it’s the restored files.

From what I can tell, the project totally disappeared from my hard drive. Obviously I must have messed up somewhere, but I really have no idea how I could have lost it from my hard drive with the only trace of it being my Mozy backup. I renewed my Mozy backup subscription a few days ago after considering cancelling it. I’m feeling very fortunate that I didn’t cancel it.

Thanks again for your help.