Document language

I know, this is not a new subject, but I guess I found a new variations.

I started using Scrivener and worked through the tutorial.
Since the tutorial is in english I switched the interface language to english in order to find the menu items mentioned. (My system language is german.)

At one point i was asked to add

Chapter <$t>

to the Section Layout Prefix panel.

I was quite surprised when I saw the result:

Chapter Eins

Since I write in both english and german, I’ve been looking for a way to set the document language.
So far I found:

  • Spelling language
  • MMD export language
  • Interface language

But no document language.
Reading this forum I got the impression that there is no such setting.
Is this correct and are there plans to add it?


There is no document language setting and no plans to add it simply because it is not possible using the Cocoa text system (I have looked into it but there seems to be no workaround). If Apple adds the ability to control this, however, then it will certainly be added.

All the best,

Well, in that case I will switch to using numbers <$n> instead.