Document link formatting in PDF Compile

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since I’ve made a clean install of High Sierra after years of El Capitan, I wanted to make a clean cut with Scrivener as well and installed the V3 trial. I then imported one of my handbook projects from V2 and compiled it as PDF.

However, any document links within my project are not formatted the same as in the editor: in the PDF they are still clickable links, but the text color and underline is gone (see screenshot). A few links to external websites are formatted correctly however. For the life of me, I can’t find an option in the compile settings on how to display document links in the PDF. I seem to remember that in V2, I never had to worry - the compiled PDF always looked like my Scrivener text (link-wise).

What am I overlooking? Any hint or link to a thread where this has been discussed (I’ve been searching but to no avail)?

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Nothing much has changed between 2 and 3 in this regard - colouring and underlining internal links was an option in Scrivener 2 and the same option exists in Scrivener 3. You can find the options by editing the Compile format and looking in “PDF Settings”.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Keith,

thanks very much for the swift reply.

Just as a feedback (even if it’s from an obviously blind user) : I had a very hard time finding these settings… I really don’t remember if I even made them in V2 or if that box was ticked there by default, but in V3 it took me ages to even find the menu. Why? My last compile was done using the “Default” format and “Compile as PDF”, so I only selected page breaks and stuff that was directly changeable.

What took me so long was the fact, that I didn’t know I couldn’t edit the “Default” format but had to “duplicate and edit” it. Only then, a window opens, where I can actually make “PDF settings” for this format.
As I’m not a hardcore user, this seems quite hidden to me. Is there any other way to get the “Edit Project Format” window? Or maybe hint the user in the Project Format List that it can be created and edited, e.g. with a lock icon next to “Default” and/or an empty “Project Formats” vs “Scrivener Formats” list. Non-hardcore users like myself might realize then that there are more options to be set if we create or duplicate a project format.

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Hi Christian,

This really is the whole point of the new Compile system. Scrivener provides a bunch of Formats with presets, but you can create your own either by adding a new one or duplicating and editing an existing one. There’s an “+” button in the footer for this, making it clear that you can add your own formats.

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