Document links on different machines

It seems that document links created on one computer do not function on another. Is this true? If so, is there a work-around?

As there isn’t yet a feature specifically referred to as a “document link” in Scrivener, it would help to know which feature you are referring to.

FWIW, in the Scrivener 3 user manual the same section that refers to “Wiki Link Style” (10.1) also calls them “document links.” And I have a similar question as to whether this feature works on iOS - it seems to be missing.

This thread was pre–3.0; back then there were these types of links referred to by these names:

  • Scrivener links: those pointing from one binder item to another in the same project.
  • External links: links pointing to binder items in a project as a URL, presumably the link is located somewhere outside of the project, such as in another project, or a PDF.
  • General hyperlinks: URLs in the text pointing to the Web, files, e-mail etc.
  • Internal references: sidebar references in the inspector pointing to other items in the binder.
  • External references: likewise, but pointing to files, Web resources, other Scrivener project items, Evernote notes, etc.

So the question remains valid in that context: what is a “document link”? Is it a reference pointing to a document? A hyperlink in project notes pointing to an item in the binder? Who knows.

In 3.0 references were removed and replaced by bookmarks, though the capabilities still remain. Scrivener links have been renamed to document links, hence the new manual refers to them that way.

So in the new terminology, yes, Scrivener for iOS supports document links from one item to another in the same binder. To create them you optionally select text and then click on the pencil (insert) button in the extended keyboard row and then “Add Link”. You can also add the “Add Link” button directly to the toolbar.

As to the similar nature of your question, when you say they are missing, did you mean not that the feature itself is missing, but rather like the original poster that when you switch devices the links stop functioning? That really should not be happening given how links point to other items by internal IDs, not anything that would change from one system to the next.

Amber, thanks for the quick response. I see now how document links work on iOS - I hadn’t noticed the link icon in the toolbar before (is this newish?) Thanks fo this!

My comment was referring to “auto linking” using double square brackets around one or more words that referenced a document of the same name. (Or what had been known as “Wiki style links”) This feature has never seemingly worked on iOS or if it does I’m not sure how to enable it.

Thanks again!

It has been there since day one, but I don’t think the tutorial makes much noise about their existence, so it would be easy to miss the capability. At any rate, no the only way to create a link is the way I described doing so. That isn’t even a default behaviour on the Mac.