Document Links question

Tried to search for it, but couldn’t find an answer. Is it possible to add a document link to a part of a text, and then have the text of the document link not show in compile?

For example, in the following sentence I would like the text in the brackets be a document link but not show in compile.

Greta remembered her sailing lesson. [sailing lessson].

Or is this one of those cases where I shouldn’t be silly, and just use Metadata or something?

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If I recall correctly, it is possible to exclude comments and /or annotations from the compile output. Possibly also specified styles. That should allow you to do what you want.

What do you mean about “showing in compile”? I was able to type in a sentence then selected one word to comment on, then put a document link (into a new document in the research folder) there. You can also do a document link directly into the text that would take you to the other document. I was using the “wiki-style link” method to make the document link [[name_of_document]]. Either method works and would not show in compile unless you specify to do so (compile comments for instance) and the document that the link is pointing to would not compile in either instance since it isn’t under the manuscript/draft folder. You do need to enable document links in options as shown below.
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-05-05 005420.png[/attachment]

I use inline annotations for any links that are “off the record”. I never set links to output as links when I compile anyway (they get stripped away leaving only the visible text behind), so I’ll sometimes just attach them to the most relevant piece of text. In your case for example, I would just attach the link to “sailing lesson”, without typing it in twice and hiding one of them. But if I need to add a little commentary to explain why I’m linking, or want the link text presented in a specific way, then inline annotations are great for this.

Thanks, that’s helpful. I’ll do that. :slight_smile: