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Is there a quick way to create a document bookmark from one document say file1 to file2 in the same binder? My current method is driving me crazy. I use split editor, match the outline view that I am looking at for both splits, inspector window, lock to one editor say file1 selected editor, drag file2 and drop to document bookmarks tab in inspector. Lot of work. I don’t like right click and finding file2. I have 10k files in this project.

I tried usual shortcuts cmd + drag/drop as well as opt + drag/drop but it is not creating document bookmark. I did not find anything in the documentation either.

I appreciate any poiinter.


Ah… I just dragged a document from the binder into another document’s Document Bookmarks list in the inspector. No opt, no cmd, just plain drag, The bookmark was created just fine, without changing which document is displayed in the editor. Is this not working for you? Am I misunderstanding your question?

I see. That works. I was trying to solve it in the outline view mode. I suppose I can drag it from the binder, which does not change inspector. This works for me. Thank you again! You seem to have answers for all my questions. Thank you!


You’re welcome! I’m glad we seem to be able to communicate. The nice thing about Scrivener is that there’s almost always another way to do whatever you’re trying to do. :smiley:

Is there a quick way to turn a project bookmark into a document bookmark?

One quick way would be:

  1. Select the bookmark.

  2. Hit Cmd-C (Edit > Copy).

  3. Delete the bookmark.

  4. Switch to Project Bookmarks and click into them.

  5. Hit Cmd-V (Edit > Paste).

All the best,

@KB Isn’t Cmd-P usually “Print”?

I don’t have my Mac at hand to try this, but would CMD-X (to cut and copy) work, replacing steps 2 & 3?

Cutting (or copying) and pasting does not work to do this. Nevertheless, if one clicks on the Project Bookmarks icon, one can choose a project bookmark there and drag it to the document bookmarks in the Inspector. It also works in the reverse direction.

Bah, first day back after Christmas - it should have been Cmd-V, of course.