Document Links


I would like to ask if there is an easy way to update (throughout the project) document bookmarks?

For instance, I create a new document, let’s call it Note A, and put 3 internal links. Then I split the document, leaving 1 internal link in the original document and 2 of the links “moved” to the new document, let’s call it Note B, because of the split.

When I check the “document bookmarks” of the linked documents, they all point to Note A. (Expected behaviour: it should be Note A for the first linked document, and Note B for the second and third linked documents)

If I delete a link from Note B, the document bookmarks do not correspondingly update either, so this could lead to a lot of red herring bookmarks because I split documents due to after-thought, and sometimes mis-link documents.

I hope there is an easy way (best if automatic) to keep the document bookmarks updated, as this is an important feature to me.

Thank you!


I have exactly the same issue.

I was going to start a new thread when I saw yours. Was full of hope, but I see that no one has answered you since 2019…

Have you managed to find a solution in between?

An extra question I would add: if you delete a section from your binder and you have not seen that there were links leading to it, is it possible to find broken links so as to redirect them?