Document merge


I’m making translations for the moment, of files of which I only have the pictures (from a scanner).
To make this task easier, I have made one document per page, with only one picture inside of each document.
With a split window, I can thus read on one side from the picture, and write in the other window.

After having done this, on a 6 page document today, I wished to reduce the number of files in my project : I used the document merge function on the 6 documents containing each only one picture…
I was expecting a file with these six pictures one after the other, but the result was weird : I had 6 pictures in the file, but only the very last page was reproduced 6 times… and the other pictures had gone…

I myself did NOT lose anything, as I still have the original files, but this might be very disappointing for someone who would do the same without having orginal files at hand.