Document move not reflected in Scrivenings mode

Create some documents in draft.

Click draft to open in an editor.

Switch to scrivenings mode for that editor.

Lock editor.

Move a document up or down in binder.

Result: editor still shows the old order of documents.

If the editor is locked, that’s the expected behavior. – Katherine

But having the editor locked is the only way to move an item without changing what’s open in the binder. Doesn’t the Mac version automatically update it?

Shaun, not sure if this helps your use case, but you can change Binder Affects to nothing. Then clicking on Binder items has no impact on the Editors. Depending on what I’m working on, I may change Binder Affects many times over the course of a session.

Thanks for the tip Jim. I tried it and it’s still not updated. So even with the editor unlocked, nothing is updating when moving documents, which given what Katherine said would imply this is a bug.

No. The Mac version is how I confirmed the behavior.

In the Mac version, the Binder Selection Affects -> None command does give the behavior JimRac describes: the Scrivenings session reorders itself to reflect the Binder, but the contents of the session doesn’t change. So if the Windows beta doesn’t do that, that would be a bug.

Another way to do it is to split the editor. Set up the Scrivenings session you want in one pane, Put the cursor in the other pane. Drag things around the Binder as desired. The contents of the pane where the cursor resides will change to reflect the Binder selection. The other pane will still have the Scrivenings session, updated to reflect the new order of the documents.


I confirm I’m seeing the same result as Shaun: the Scrivenings session is not reordering itself to reflect Binder changes. RC5