Document Notes Available Icon Indicator

I’d like to know which of my cards have document notes. I appreciate how the icons change depending on the content, and would also like an added indicator for when that card has accompanying notes.

While I’m at it, how about the option to increase the size of the binder/outliner icons? :slight_smile:

If you open the inspector, you can see whether a document has notes associated with it by the asterisk next to the notes icon.
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Those inspector tabs are tiny and remote for controls which see so much activity and have no keyboard/toolbar equivalents. About 1.75" for the five in my setup, on the lower edge of the screen, a challenge to fine motor skills. And the monochrome content indicator is period-sized.

These controls would be much better atop, as counterpart to editor history and splitters. Same size but no similar difficulties. Better still would be resizeable panels, so that notes, keywords and refs would no longer be mutually exclusive. And a docking lane on bottom as well as to the right.

Just a piggybacking riff. Thanks always. – Jerome

I meant a way to see in the binder if there were accompanying notes, like an asterisk to the right of the card to indicate that there are notes available.

Maybe my request is too specific to my process; I use the synopsis for a general summary of what happens in a particular scene, and then use the document notes to add details or key elements I’d like to see in that scene. So, a scene isn’t really developed until I’ve gotten to that stage. So, it would be nice to see what cards are still without document notes.

It’s not keeping me up at night or anything. Just thought it would be a nice extension to the existing system.

While the Binder may not be the place for this information, it would be handy to know which documents lack document notes (or references). At the moment, I can’t think of a way, even in the Mac version, to do a search-based collection to gather any documents that still “need” notes. Maybe by adding a “is empty” option for searching instead of basing the search on text entered?