Document Notes: Image size?

I’ve started to work on some character sheets, and would like to place the image of the character in the document notes of her text file. I tried to put in a big image, but it was bigger than the document notes area, and annoying scrollbars appeared. I decided to make smaller images for this purpose: I measured the size of the document notes -window (in the inspector) and resized the images for it in photoshop. When dragging those into the document notes, however, they appeared bigger than their true size, and scrollbars appeared again. I can’t find a way to resize the image in the document notes window. Is there a way to do it? Why are my pictures forced to be bigger than their true size?
Thank you in advance! (:

Oh, and I’m running Vista & the latest beta (049), if that’s of any help. :slight_smile:

Is the image just appearing larger than expected, or is it actually resizing in the window to grow larger as you increase the width of the inspector? What will ultimately happen here is that image will scale to fit the inspector width up to the actual size of the image (so it won’t ever scale up), but at the moment the image is just static and should import at its proper pixel size. How did you measure and resize the image?

Well, at the moment the image is appearing larger than expected. I’ve put images as examples below. The black dimensions are what my Photoshop shows as the size of the Document Notes window in the inspector, and the white values are the dimensions of my images. The first example shows a bigger image, which I can’t resize to fit the window (and doesn’t resize by itself). The second one is an image that should fit, but appears as bigger than it actually is (and more pixelated). The third example is what I would like to achieve.

This, of course, is not the most urgent of problems, but I haven’t found any solution to it. Hopefully I’ve made myself clear? D: I seem to be rubbish at explaining technical difficulties. The problem in one sentence: the image dragged into the inspector’s document notes appears as bigger and more pixelated than the original image. Is it a bug, intended, or am I just going crazy? X)

If a picture drags in pixellated and larger than it you think it should be, the first thing to check is the DPI setting in the graphic. You’ll need to load it in a graphic editing program that can read and set image DPI. If the DPI is set to print level resolution but the graphic itself is more sized for web, that could result in the result you are getting.

If you don’t want to mess with the dpi/ppi, you should be able to get something workable by dragging the image into the main editor and right-clicking it there to use the Edit Image tool to resize it. The editor will display it the same way the notes area will, so you can shrink it there and then drag it back into the notes and it should do what you want.

Down the road we’ll hopefully be able to adjust the notes pane so that images wider than the viewing area are scaled down, adjusting when you resize the inspector.