Document Notes Missing in Beta?

In the current version of Scrivener, via the Inspector panel, you have Document Notes and Project Notes available. However, in the current beta version, I am not seeing Project Notes as an option.

Will someone please tell me that this is just hiding or has yet to be implemented in the beta? I’d be really sad if has been removed for V3 as it was a really great feature, especially for editing.

It might be most effective to post this in the beta-test forum: Everyone there is on top of what’s going on in the beta; not everyone here is.

They moved it. Instead of in the inspector, which is where it used to be, it’s now in the Binder (and should be at the top of the binder in new projects). I honestly don’t use it much, and the Binder is a fine place for it (for me; your mileage may vary). If you need to see it while editing something else, you can open it in a copyholder in a dual navigation layout or something similar.

A good place to ask questions about the current Beta is in the Windows Beta Testing forum.

Thanks. I found it. :confused: The way its done now pretty much ruins it for me.

And I’ll be sure to ask any other questions I might have regarding the Beta in that forum.

Well to be fair global project notes are still in the Inspector. Project Bookmarks can be viewed from the sidebar via the Bookmarks tab, and thus occupy roughly the same sort of usage they had when combined with Document Notes in the older version. The main difference in the UI is that you can switch between Notes from a list at the top, rather than with a dropdown menu.

For a blog post that goes over the reasons for the change, as well as how to emulate everything Project Notes could do in the past, see Project Notes are Dead, Long Live Project Notes!.