Document Notes - Observed Behavior (May Need Tweaking)

Ran a search on “document notes” on the board and found a few threads that overlaps what I’ve observed, but I thought I’d start anew.

  1. Copy & Paste of text from the main editor window will copy and paste text as well as formatting styles into the Document Notes area.
  2. (However), Document Notes area does not currently have any of the formatting buttons/short-cuts enabled when trying to edit inside the Document Notes.

IMHO, either
a) the copy and paste should strip the formatting styles when pasting in the document notes, OR

b) the document notes should be able to support formatting (i.e. allow user to bold/italicize/strikeout/underline/change font/margins etc. )

(Noticed the spelling check line was fixed in version 1.6 yay)

[For ref, the request for document notes to support formatting was already requested by another user.]

I don’t use the windows version but add me to the list of Mac scriveners who’d like this capability.