Document Notes question

How can I change the left margin in Document Notes?


Click in the Note, cmd-R to bring up the ruler, then drag the relevant tabs to the margin you want.

You can copy this format by cmd-opt-ctl-C and paste it into a new document note by cmd-opt-ctl-V.

I think you have to do this for every document note, but then again, I didn’t know you could do it at all till I read your question and had a play so perhaps there is a way…

There’s not a global setting for this, no, but you can create a formatting preset if you’re going to want to apply it often. §15.4.3 in the user manual discusses presets and how to make and use them. If you give your preset a unique name, you can even assign it a keyboard shortcut via System Preferences if you like.

Thanks MimeticMouton and Brookter.

Brookter, CMD-R solved my problem.