Document Notes - Text Formatting

Two questions;

  1. Is it possible to format the text in Document Notes, either within scriverner itself or during the Compile Draft export process?

  2. Is there a way of printing the word count for each section in the final draft?




Please note that this forum is for tips and tricks, as stated in its description, not for questions about using Scrivener - I don’t check this forum to give technical support or provide answers usually, so I can easily miss questions posted here. Technical support is a better place for such questions.

To answer your questions:

  1. You can format Document notes just as you would format the main text, so, yes. Upon export, they will either use the format as-is, or, if “Override formatting” is checked, they will use the formatting set there. They cannot have an override format that is different from the main text.

  2. No, you can only print the word count of the whole document.

All the best,