Document notes zoom

Love the program – it’s a lifesaver, and I tell my other writer friends about it all the time.

I’ve been writing in the editor with Times New Roman 12 at 150% zoom and sometimes use Document Notes as a kind of outline, pasting text from the notes into the editor as I go. Is it possible to include a zoom setting for the Document Notes, just like for the editor, so that these fonts and sizing could match?

(Currently I’ve made the Document Notes TNR 16, which is about the same size on the screen as TNR 12 at 150%, but when I paste text from the Notes into the editor, I have to then adjust the font size manually.)

Thanks very much.

Leaving aside the possibility of providing for zoom in the notes area — which Keith will have to respond to — in terms of pasting in without having to resize the font afterwards, use “Paste and Match Style”. As I am regularly having to paste in text that comes from widely different sources, in widely differing fonts, I have swapped the “Paste” and “Paste and Match Style” keyboard shortcuts, so that across the board on my machines, Cmd-P automatically gives me “Paste and Match Style”.


Thanks for this, paste and match style definitely is a good solution. Maybe Keith will think that takes care of it – for now I’ll get used to my new hot-key. Appreciate it.

I’m resurrecting this thread to request that document notes zoom be added as an option, for folks who switch between machines with different screen sizes and resolutions.

I’m a windows user who recently purchased a mac (and the mac version of Scrivener) and will be going back and forth between my mac and my Vaio. The document notes font size that’s perfect on my 13-inch Vaio is way to small on my Macbook Air’s 11-inch screen, and if I adjust it, then when I go back to the Vaio the font is huge. Being able to set a zoom on the mac would resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance for your consideration. :slight_smile: