"Document Notes"

In my binder for a book project I have many chapters. On the right side I make of each chapter entry I make notes under “Synopsis” and under “Document Notes” and have been doing so for over a year. Recently, in every chapter, in the place where “Document Notes” existed – it has been replaced with “Keywords” and my document notes have disappeared. The Document Notes exist in backed up versions as late as June 2016 but not on recent iterations. Is there an explanation?

The inspector (the pane on the right) has several different views as well as document notes: keywords, references, footnotes and comments etc. There is a row of small icons just above the synopsis - click on each one to see what is available and when you come to the icon like a notepad, you should find your notes are still attached.

BTW, you really need to do the interactive tutorial (on the help menu) it covers all the basic concepts and usage of Scrivener features such as the inspector, and keywords, without which you really can’t get the full benefits of using the program. It will take an hour or two and save you a lot of wasted effort and frustration.


So simple. . . but without knowledge, very difficult

Thanks so much. I’ll take the tutorial.

Just learning Scrivener and I am finding the tutorial ambiguous about to what exactly keywords can be applied.

The tutorial talks about applying keywords to documents, but then it appears to imply they can be assigned to specific text within the document, which would mean a keyword assigned to a document could then be associated to a particular piece of text in the editor. Is that correct, can a keyword be further assigned to a word or section of text? If so, how? If not, what’s the best way to effectively add a tag to a word or section of text in the document?

I don’t use the keywords feature. I hope someone who does will fill you in. Or go to the Tutorial and click on the Keyword option.

Keywords are only assigned to documents as a whole. What part of the tutorial is confusing you? I suspect it’s talking about another feature or a technique for breaking a document up (“split at selection”).

Thanks rdale. Is there a feature similar to tagging that I can apply to snippets of text within a document?

You could use Inline Annotations which can be searched for, and later stripped out on Compile. The Scrivener Manual has details.

Thanks Hugh, I’ll check it out. -Kevin