Document out of Binder?


I wonder if I can somehow generate a document out of the binder. I have all the scenes spread out, some already written, others to come. What I just want is a document I can sync with simplenote which gives me this overview to use it when I´m on the way. I simply want to see the order of the scenes or what scene is planned to follow the last one I finished. It is not supposed to be part of the draft later.


Would just compiling as per normal and then copying and pasting the result into a Simplenote note be enough? There isn’t anything special for this—the Simplenote sync feature in Scrivener is designed more for retaining the individual pieces of your outline—letting you read and edit them on the go and take those changes back into the original outline later without disturbing the structure. So there isn’t anything that will create a hard linear copy of the draft and sync it.

Hm, this would give me the whole text, right? I don´t mean that. I only want the names of the scenes, written one beneath the other, like in the binder.

Like an outline? No problem, the compiler is more flexible than just that. Use the Enumerated Outline compile preset then. For insight on what is going on here, check the Formatting compile option pane. Note how you can include only pieces of each item in the binder outline, rather than text. You might find some things here you’d like to add to your summary outline that would be useful, such as meta-data.

Cool! Took me a minute to understand but now I can do it. I saved it externaly, than copy&pasted it into a scrivener-text. So now I can sync it along with my other notes using Simplenote. And with the meta-data and notes in there too it is perfectly what I needed.
But there is no way of keeping it up to date, besides compiling it anew from time to time, is there? But that´s not a big act, once I got the settings.